Naveen Jain

52, Hotelier
Name: Naveen Jain
Location city:Gurgaon
Major Problems:Overweight and low energy
Current Situation:Lost weight and maintained
Advice for others:Respect and thank your body everyday!

I now take care of my body and have started respecting every part of my body with gratitude.

I have clearly understood benefits of change in my eating habits (mindful eating with hunger scale in mind) and physical exercises and implemented at least 90% of whatever we discussed during our sessions with Nandini.

I released 9 kgs of weight in 6 months and feeling much lighter overall.  Even 3 years later, I have maintained this weight loss.  I am much more confident in whatever I do and feel very good.

This is a very powerful programme which makes you realise the difference between painfully losing weight by dieting which can be short-lived and releasing weight joyfully which can be part of daily routine by being conscious and practicing body awareness.


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