Inna Jolly

46, HR Consultant
Name:Inna Jolly
Occupation:HR Consultant
Location city:Noida
Major Problems:Overweight and lethargy
Current Situation:Runs marathons
Advice for others:Just try it and see for yourself!

After attending a cooking class with Nandini who is my childhood friend, I felt convinced by the logic of whole plant based diet recommendations.

I began following the healthy vegan lifestyle as best that I possibly could.  I was able to modify my routine eating habits.

I was not starving myself, and neither did I feel deprived of any particular food.

Since May 2012 till July 2014 I have released 17 kgs of weight. I have since run two half marathons (first time in my life) at the age of 46.

Through the highs and lows, I have felt supported. All doubts were patiently dealt with by Nandini.

I would do everything to keep it (my body) in top form that this change in my diet and lifestyle has facilitated for me.

On the spiritual plane, a lot of cleansing and better alignment on the astral plane. I am more intuitive and the ‘connect’ is much better. I am more than pleased that I met up with who I really can be.  I am grateful to  Nandini for being my health coach and guiding me in this journey of self-discovery. Much love to her.


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