Dinakshi Arora

35, Poet & Blogger
Name:Dinakshi Arora
Occupation:Poet & Blogger
Location city:Gurgaon
Major Problems:Overweight and lazy
Current Situation:Looks 10 years younger and active
Advice for others:Make your body your best friend!

Since attending Nandini’s programme, I have released 15 kilos in 7 months and feel very light and well.

The changes I have observed in myself are:

  • I am eating only when I am hungry. I am eating only the quantity of food required.
  • I am taking early dinners, something lighter than a full meal, more often than not.
  • Now there is a lot less chemical intake, I was having a lot of chemicals in my food unknowingly.
  • Consumption of snacks and junk food is gone way down.I am eating fruits and dry fruits now, something I never did much of     earlier.
  • There is a marked increase of raw food consumption in my diet.
  • I have learnt new and better ways of cooking.

I think, this is the best thing ever that you can do to yourself.

My only advise is to be “open” to the ideas and concepts as they tend to be a bit different from the conventional ones.

But THEY WORK, much better and faster.