Nandini Gulati is a health coach with a unique approach to healthy living. She integrates the natural wisdom of the body with the latest scientific findings about nutrition and lifestyle.

Her passion is to connect people to their own intuition, which has the power to guide them to their highest health potential.


For years, Nandini struggled with her own overweight and health issues. In 2009, she was put on daily medicines for high blood pressure and was diagnosed as borderline diabetic. This made her embark on an inner journey to understand the root cause of her ailments. What she discovered transformed her life and motivated her to share her insights with others to inspire them towards their own health potential. Today she has normal blood pressure without medicine.


Nandini loves to coach others to make small changes that can make big and sustainable differences to their health. Her dream is to see a world free of physical suffering where people have abundant energy and feel connected to nature and other living beings.


Her simple yet insightful teachings on body awareness, mindful eating, self-love, habit transformation, food systems and organic gardening arose from her own life experiences. These practical ideas resonate with many and she conducts workshops helping people with weight loss, disease prevention and healthy living.

Career History

After completing her MBA, Nandini worked for large multi-national marketing corporations for 15 years living and working in India, USA, Hong Kong and Europe. Finding the chase for money and promotions a futile pursuit, she trained herself in psychotherapy and counseling and Neuro-Linguistic Programming in London. Upon her return to India, 10 years ago she ventured into corporate soft-skills training. Her personal health story combined with her psychotherapy, NLP and training skills led her to embark on a career in health coaching..

Present Work

Nandini is a popular public speaker for corporates and private communities. She has been regularly invited to co-facilitate an annual 21-day medical health retreat held by SHARAN for reversal of common lifestyle diseases.

She loves to coach and inspire people through her online programmes and live eventsShe has recently co-authored a cookbook on whole plant based recipes specifically written for urban Indians who enjoy world cuisines and yet want to eat healthy.

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Guilt Free Vegan Cookbook

This book will show you how you can eat delicious AND healthy at the same time! The recipes are simple, easy to cook and many require few ingredients that are commonly found in every kitchen.

This hard cover book with stunning photographs offers 108 delicious recipes covering a range of cuisines. It features healthy beverages, soups, salads, mains, sides and desserts – free of sugar, gluten, oil and dairy. These whole plant-based recipes have been known to prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases and are also great for weight-loss.