5 Common Mistakes of Weight Loss

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The Invitation

Our life is a reflection of our habits.

We become what we repeatedly think, feel and do.

Living in awareness with our Body, Mind, Heart and Soul gives us the power to change our health destiny.

Imagine how your life will change when holistic health and wellbeing are your constant companions.

Come, explore the possibilities and get empowered to take charge of your health.


Physical habits are activities we do with our bodies and the environment we give them.


Emotional habits deal with our feelings, our relationships with others, and ourselves.


Mental habits are the beliefs that drive our behaviour and the thoughts and words we tell ourselves.


Spiritual habits bring a deeper connection with Nature, soil, all beings, and the planet.

Why Habits?

According to WHO data, 60-70% of deaths today are caused by preventable, non-communicable diseases. Isn’t it incredible that there is so much suffering in this world, that could be prevented? Most of these premature deaths could be avoided by changing diet and lifestyle habits.

Did you know that 40% of our daily actions are not decisions but habits?

Habits are a sub-conscious programming that runs automatically making us repeat behaviours without thinking. If we could by some magic, uninstall the harmful habits and install those that serve us, we could lead a far healthier and disease free life.

I too was in a quest for better health and building positive habits. Read more about my 12 habits for optimal health that I discovered in my personal journey.

Inspiring Stories

The time is NOW!

The best time to start was when you were 3 years old. The next best time is NOW!

My programs will rewire you with healthy habits that will serve you everyday for the rest of your life. Starting right NOW.

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