Nandini has a background in corporate marketing for 15 years followed by 10 years in corporate training and coaching. She has taken this experience to build inspiring and practical health awareness sessions for corporate employees.

This goal is to inspire people to change their daily habits and lifestyle for the better to lead disease free, more active and joyful lives.

This results in fewer sick days, increased productivity and greater energy levels at work.

Nandini offers 4 types of programs, which can be customised to suit your and your employees’ requirements.

Introductory Talks

1-2 hours interactive session on client’s chosen topic to build awareness for preventative health care.

1/2 Day Workshop

A deeper dive into the chosen topic designed for 1-2 specific outcomes in nutrition, exercise or stress.

1 Day Workshop

The art and science of building healthy habits. Facts, stories, strategies, tactics, fun and a wholesome lunch.

Weekend Retreat

An immersion in healthy living with walks, activities, cooking demos, films interactive sessions and meditation.

Popular Topics

A comprehensive look at how our health is a reflection of our habits. What are the habits that have the power to keep us healthy at a holistic level integrating mind, body, heart and soul.

Learn about the most common causes of premature death linked to lifestyle diseases. Learn about the diet, lifestyle, habits and attitude that can prevent these deadly killers.

Weight loss is not about watching every calorie you eat but learning the overall principles of judicious eating. Then weight loss becomes effortless and you can live your life with greater energy and lightness of being.

If you do nothing else and just take care of these 5 powerful yet simple changes to your daily nutrition; it can have a huge positive impact on your health.

Most of us who want to get into shape have made a fair amount of contribution to gyms, pools and yoga classes only to leave them half-way. Learn how you can make exercise a daily habit and enjoy it too!

A look at how, what, when, why, and where we eat. This program is designed to bring greater awareness into our eating habits so we eat consciously and mindfully.

Did you know that your diet is a HUGE part of the destruction human beings are causing on the planet? Learn how you can become part of the solution and not the problem by changing you diet and lifestyle.


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